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The Honors College past, present, and into tomorrow...

West Virginia University has a long history of providing enhanced educational opportunities for academically talented students by offering advanced "honors" level classes in many disciplines.

During the 1960’s, the College of Arts & Sciences offered innovative courses that were limited to 15 students and focused on providing students with individual attention and the opportunity for active participation in classroom discussion.

Then in 1971-72, the College of Arts & Sciences launched a departmental Honors Program that was the forerunner of today’s university-wide Honors College.

As the Arts & Science Honors Program progressed, it became increasingly evident that it would be beneficial to open the program to all WVU students. In 1982–83, the Honors Program at WVU was established and had 196 members by the end of its first year.

The Honors Program continued to grow in size, quality, and recognition, and in 2006, the Honors Program became the Honors College at West Virginia University, which now has over 1900 student members.

The Honors College continues to expand and develop each year as our student body continues to expand and develop. This year, we are excited to welcome an incoming class of over 600 freshmen.

Today’s freshmen will be tomorrow’s scientists, doctors, engineers, artists, musicians, philosophers, writers, athletes, soldiers, politicians, scholars, and dreamers who impact our campus, nation, world, and our lives.