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Honors Foundations Program

The Honors Foundations Program is a two-year program for entering Honors students, beginning in Fall 2017.  The program is designed with the goals of engaging and developing high-achieving students by enriching their general education, while fostering community and service in Honors, WVU, Morgantown, West Virginia, and the world.

Program Requirements

In order to complete the program, students must:

          o   Students must complete both benchmarks

          o   1 course/credit must be an Honors-eligible orientation

          o   Ideally completed within four semesters; i.e. students will ideally                complete one course per semester beyond the orientation.

          o   After year one:

                ♦  Complete at least two Honors courses/ four Honors credits (incl.                   orientation)

                ♦  Maintain 3.0 Honors and cumulative GPA

          o   To extend after year two:

                ♦  Complete four Honors courses/ ten Honors credits (incl. orientation)

                ♦  Maintain 3.5 Honors and 3.0 cumulative GPA

          o        3.5 GPA in Honors credits

          o        3.0+ cumulative GPA at the time of program completion

          o        Participate in Exit Interview process


Program Benefits


Ways to Earn Honors Foundations Credit