Future Students

If you are curious about the world, love to learn, and want an education as unique as you are, then the Honors College at WVU is the place for you.

Our Honors scholars are just like you: they seek to know more, engage in everything, and take risks. No matter what your passion - aerospace engineering or creative writing, political science or biology, jazz or medicine, forensic science or journalism – courses offered by the Honors College will expose you to new ideas and a diverse world of opportunities.

In the Honors College, we recognize that our students have a passion for knowledge that motivates them to apply classroom theories to real world experiences and to go beyond the textbook to find solutions.

The Honors College exists to provide challenges for those students who constantly reach for higher goals. We provide undergraduate scholars with the many benefits of a small college environment, while they study at a large research institution led by award-winning faculty where every opportunity is available to them.

Honors classes are generally smaller, some with fewer than 20 students. These courses are exceptional learning experiences often taught by premiere faculty members in virtually every department across campus. Honors courses require students to engage with the material through discussion and debate. Professors get to know their students well and can be of great benefit when students need letters of recommendations for graduate or professional school. In addition to traditional courses, the Honors College offers students the opportunity to earn honors credits for research, internships, studying abroad, and independent study work. There are many ways to tailor your Honors experience to meet your needs. 

As an Honors scholar, you will have a variety of benefits:

  • Professional/academic advisor in your major
  • Priority registration for classes
  • Unique learning experiences
    • "Unique" does not necessarily mean "harder" or "more work"
  • Smaller, Honors-only courses
  • A community of like-minded scholars
  • Academic, philanthropic, and social opportunities that enhance your intellectual development
  • Opportunities to develop to your communication, teamwork, leadership,
  • A competitive edge
  • Great preparation for graduate/professional school or getting a job after college
  • “University Honors Scholar” recognition on your diploma and transcript