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How Do I Become An Honors Scholar?

The process for admission to the Honors College begins when you complete the WVU Application. The Honors College will review applications and send eligible students an invitation to confirm their interest in the WVU Honors College with a 250-word statement about their intention to join.

Eligibility is determined by a combination of high school GPA (weighted GPA considered) and standardized test scores ("super-scores" considered).

Beginning for the class entering Fall 2017, most eligible students will meet the following criteria:

It is also possible to join the Honors College after a successful first semester, or if you are a transfer student in good standing in an Honors program at your previous institution. 

Statement of Interest

Students invited to participate in the Honors Foundations Program will be asked to complete a 250-word statement of interest to confirm their desire to join the Honors College.  Use this space to talk about how the offerings and opportunities that come with being an Honors student will help you reach your goals for college and beyond.  Instructions for submitting the statement of interest are contained in the Honors Invitation letter.

Upper Division Honors Admissions

Applications to the Upper Division Honors Program will be available in Spring 2019 for the program launch in Fall 2019.