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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Honors College?

The Honors College is an interdisciplinary college that offers customized learning pathways for students who seek to enhance their education with academically “different” types of experiences. "Honors" does not necessarily mean "harder," or "more work." Our courses are active, hands-on learning laboratories where students can enhance their skills. Students should select Honors courses that will challenge them and inspire them to ask questions, seek impossible answers, and delve into the unknown.

The Honors College houses two sequential academic programs (Honors Foundations and Upper Division Honors) as well as offices that serve all students across campus;  the ASPIRE office, the Office of Undergraduate Research, and the Pre-Health Professional Development office.

What is the difference between the "Honors College" and the "Honors Foundations Program"?

Honors Foundations is just one program that the Honors College offers.  It is the gateway program for high-achieving undergraduate students entering WVU, providing enhancement opportunities for first and second-year students in their general education and introductory courses. An Upper Division Honors program is in development for Fall 2019.

How do I become an Honors Scholar?

The process for admission to the Honors Foundations Program begins when you complete the WVU Application. The Honors College will review applications and send eligible students an invitation to confirm their interest in the WVU Honors College with a 250-word statement about their intention to join.

Eligibility is determined by a combination of high school GPA (weighted GPA considered) and standardized test scores ("super-scores" considered).

Beginning for the class entering Fall 2017, most eligible students will meet the following criteria:

  • 3.7 High School GPA (weighted or unweighted), and 
  • 26 ACT or 1180 SAT (M/CR) or 1250 Redesigned SAT (M/EBRW)

Applications to the Upper Division Honors Program will be available in Spring 2019 for the program launch in Fall 2019.

I Received my Honors College letter, but have questions about Honors Housing.  Where should I call?

First, make sure that you have submitted your Statement of Interest, as described in your Honors Invitation letter.  Once that is completed, you will receive a second letter confirming your completed admission to the Honors College. After you have been admitted to the Honors College you may apply for Honors housing in Honors Hall or Lincoln Hall, pending availability.

If you have questions about your status in the Honors College, call us during business hours at 304.293.2100, or email us at

If you have specific questions about the housing registration process, call the Housing Assignments Office at 304.293.2811.  

Why should I become an Honors Scholar?

  • Academic, community service, and social opportunities that enhance your intellectual development
  • Opportunities to develop to your communication skills, teamwork, and leadership abilities
  • A richer academic environment that does not necessarily mean "harder" or "more work"
  • Competitive edge
    • Great preparation for graduate/professional school or getting a job after college
    • Different type of learning – active, hands-on learning environment
    • Transcript recognition of your achievement
  • Benefits
    • Professional/academic advising in your major
    • Priority registration before general population students
    • Innovative learning experiences
  • Community
    • Smaller, Honors-only courses
    • Co-curricular programming across the campus
    • Access to Honors housing in the first year

Can I join if I already attend WVU or am transferring to WVU?

Yes! Any student who attends WVU or is transferring to WVU and has earned between 14 and 34 credit hours can join the Honors College. If you maintained a 3.7 cumulative GPA without an I or W on your transcript, you can submit an application for membership to the Honors College. Go to the link above and select the appropriate online application.

How do I visit the Honors College?

The Honors College at WVU welcomes future Mountaineers to visit our office, tour the residence hall, explore our campus, and be a student for a day! The Honors College and the WVU Visitor's Center offer unique visit experiences. Students can participate in the Honors Overnight Experience where they spend the night in Honors Hall and attend classes with a current Honors scholar and participate in a fun, interactive program through the Visitors Center.

Will I be eligible for the Upper Division Honors Program if I do not participate in the Honors Foundations Program?

Eligible students may choose the programs that best fit their aspirations and curriculum.  Students who do not participate in the Honors Foundations may still apply for the Upper Division program; doing Honors Foundations will neither hurt nor help your chances for the second program.  Similarly, participation in Honors Foundations doesn't obligate you to apply, either.

    IS THERE A FEE TO MOVE-IN EARLY TO the residence halls?

    Yes. There is a nominal fee charged to all freshman moving in a day early to any residence hall. This fee covers the cost of an additional night of residency and the Honors programming. We strongly encourage Honors Freshman to move-in early so they can participate in the Induction Ceremony, Retreat, and other planned activities specific to them. Please note that this fee is greatly reduced from the regular early move-in fee imposed on other students.  Plus, parents can avoid the highly congested campus on the regular move-in day.