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Honors College Living-Learning Community (LLC)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Honors College Living-Learning Community? 
The Honors College Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a community that reaches all across the West Virginia University campus to provide opportunities for Honors Scholars to extend their learning beyond the classroom through trips, dinners, and special events. Founded on the idea that some of the most important interactions a student has with professors and fellow students occur outside of the classroom, the LLC is committed to providing the opportunities for these encounters to take place.

2. How is the Honors LLC different from other LLCs on campus?

There are currently six LLCs on campus, four of which are connected to specific colleges or majors (Engineering, Creative Arts, Forensic and Investigative Science, and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences). The Honors College LLC is for all Honors Scholars, regardless of major or field of study. If you are an Honors Scholar, you are a member of our LLC!

3. How do I become a member of the Honors LLC?

Are you a member of the Honors College? Then you are a member of the Honors College LLC! That’s all it takes! There no fees, dues, or charges required to be a member, although there will be an occasional, nominal charge for certain trips and activities.

4. Do I have to live in Honors Hall or Lincoln Hall to be a part of the LLC?

NO. Although members of the other five LLCs live in a particular residence hall, frequently on one or more designated floors, this is not true of our Honors LLC. Membership in our LLC and access to its activities, trips, and programs are open to all members of the Honors College no matter where you live.

5. Why Should I live in Lincoln Hall?

Lincoln Hall is located on the Evansdale campus near the Colleges of Engineering, Agriculture, or Creative Arts. It is convenient to the Student Recreation Center, both Milan Puskar Stadium and the WVU Coliseum. You can learn more about living in Lincoln Hall in our FAQs.

6. Can I be a part of or participate in more than one LLC on campus?

YES. Because the Honors College LLC is not connected to a particular discipline or major, such as Engineering or Forensic Science, you can participate in the activities of both the Honors College LLC and a discipline-specific LLC.

7. What are some of the things that the LLC does?

Here are some of the recent and upcoming LLC events and offerings:

      • Trip to Gettysburg National Military Park with Dr. Jason Phillips, Eberly Professor of Civil War Studies.
      • Trip to Carnegie Mellon University to hear Father Patrick Desbois speak about his work uncovering mass graves from the Holocaust in Russia, the Ukraine, and Eastern Europe.
      • Small dinners with WVU President E. Gordon Gee, Provost Joyce McConnell, and Dean of the Honors College Ken Blemings.
      • Cookies and Conversation: The Election Edition, featuring Dr. Erik Herron and Dr. Erin Cassese of the WVU Department of Political Science.
      • Dinners for students considering Law, Medical, Dental, or Veterinary school to help learn more about applying for admission to these schools, and what life as a law school or medical school student is like.
      • 1st Annual Undergraduate Research Spring Symposium (co-sponsored with the Office of Undergraduate Research), April 8, 2017—an opportunity for students from across the campus to present their research to a wide audience.
      • Overnight Trip to Monticello and the University of Virginia, April 21-22, 2017
      • Trip to the National African American History Museum, September, 2017