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Honors College Searching for High School Delegates

The Honors College is searching for High School Delegates for the 2015/2016 academic year.

If you are an outgoing individual with the desire to represent the Honors College and West Virginia University at your high school, college and university fairs, and other similar events, please keep reading.

What is an Honors College High School Delegate?

An Honors College High School Delegate is a member of the Honors College who is proud to be a member of the Honors College and a Mountaineer. HC HS Delegates want to share their enthusiasm, experience, and knowledge with high school students at their alma mater (and/or other high schools in their area) during high school visits, college fairs, and other University sanctioned events.

The requirements to serve as an Honors College High School Delegate listed below. 
– You must be an active member of the Honors College in good standing. 
– You must have outstanding verbal communication/public speaking skills and be willing to talk to groups of people. 
– You must have a strong voice and pronunciation skills to be able to speak well and be clearly understood. 
– You must be a self-starter and have the ability to work with minimal supervision. 
– You must be a team player, willing to share and exchange ideas. 
– You must have the ability to make ethical decisions. 
– You must be enthusiastic and willing to share your enthusiasm with high school students!

If this describes you, please complete the HC HS Delegate application at If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ken Blemings at This opportunity is open to everyone in the Honors College – freshmen through seniors.