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New Undergraduate Research Opportunity in Neuroscience: HONR 297

Honors 297: Exploring the Brain’s Connectome: It’s How We’re Wired
Join the journey to decipher details of the brain’s wiring diagram by learning the parts of neurons and glia, their appearances in electron micrographs, the differences in brain wiring that may underlie the differences among individuals, and envision the ramifications of representing your brain in silico. 
Students will take a one credit hour course that will introduce them to the new field in neuroscience called Connectomics. They will learn to generate 3D models of single neurons and glial cells, and will view their models in a 3D immersive virtual reality environment. Four didactic sessions will introduce basic concepts in connectomics, the new age of neuroscience research beginning now that is funded by the federalBRAIN Initiative, and ethical issues that are resulting from large scale studies of the brain. Students wishing to amplify their work into a research project and who perform well will be encouraged to register for research credit and consider pursuing thesis work in Connectomics. You can access the syllabus for HONR 297  here.