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Positions Announced for 2016 Governor's School For Math and Science

GSMS Interns

Interns are responsible for planning and coordinating the various activities for the duration of the Governor’s School for Math and Science. These include scheduling daily and evening activities for the program, completing administrative duties, working with mentors and faculty members, taking and posting pictures and videos of the program, leading students during the school, and ensuring the program runs smoothly daily. Interns are expected to be present to assist faculty and mentors in their duties during the program, speak to parents regarding concerns about the program, and coordinate registration and paper work.

Intern duties start in June approximately one month before the start of GSMS. GSMS runs July 3rd through July 23rd. Onsite room and board are provided for the duration of GSMS. It is not required to stay on site during GSMS, but it is highly recommended that you do stay. Room and Board costs are not provided for the month of June. 

The GSMS intern receives a stipend for working GSMS in June and July, and then works as an Honors Student Ambassador during the school year. During the school year, in addition to general office support and participation in Honors College activities, the GSMS Intern will

  • assist in the preparation of the final report and final presentation in the fall semester
  • travel to Governor’s School planning activities in Charleston if schedule permits
  • begin the planning for the following year’s GSMS in the spring semester

Apply here:  

GSMS Mentors

Mentors are responsible for supervising the students at GSMS. During the day, mentors will be paired with a faculty member to assist with research projects, and after class time will be required to supervise daily and evening activities. Mentors act as chaperones on field trips and resident assistants in the evenings, and are expected to reside in the hall every night while the program is in session. Mentor duties start July 2nd and end July 23rd. Onsite room and board is provided.

Apply here:

Application deadline for both positions is February 26th and interviews will be held in early March.