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Interested in medicine? Looking for community service? Look no further. WVU School of Medicine is looking for volunteer models for ULTRAFEST, WVU’s first medical ultrasound forum!  April 2, 2016 from 9 AM to 5 PM at the Robert C. Byrd HSC.  Free T-shirt and pizza included! We need volunteers to allow themselves to be scanned with ultrasound, a growing imaging modality in medicine.  Ultrasound uses no ionizing radiation, so it’s entirely harmless, and offers a unique view of your anatomy and physiology, and if you’re interested in medicine or especially medical school, WVU Ultrafest offers a unique experience with point of care ultrasound which you likely won’t find on most applications.  The scanning won’t involve invasive procedures, and we need models for several different applications, so many spots are available.  You can sign up by following this link:  Email with questions!

West Virginia University School of Medicine Ultrasound Interest Group