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WVUp All Night Announcements Feb 25th

               Special Events Planned for WVUp All Night on February 25th – 27th!

The student-run theatrical production, WVUp All Night LIVE, will be performing the play, “How I Learned to Drive” in cooperation with SGA which will be showing in the Mountainlair Joseph Gluck Theatre at 8:00pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights.   These students have worked very hard in casting the play, building the set, and rehearsing to bring you an awesome production that you will not want to miss. 

Discounted Astro bowling and discounted billiards will begin at 9:00pm every night this weekend in the Mountainlair Games Area, ground floor. Tutoring will be available in the Mountainlair Bluestone Room on Friday and Saturday from 6:00pm-9:30pm. 

On Friday night, come to Hatfields in the Mountainlair to enjoy The Cody Blackbird Band at 7:00pm.  This band, described as ‘AlterNative Fusion’, is one of the country’s top Native American musicians and they are in a class by themselves.  Light refreshments will be served. 

Also on Friday night, WVUp All Night, in cooperation with WellWVU and WVU Dining Services, will be offering Cooking School in the Mountainlair Food Court at 9:00pm.  If you ever have a problem with how many ingredients to put in your meals or if you want to learn how to cook on a griddle and in a blender, we have a special opportunity for you.  Students will get the chance to make and enjoy the best fajitas and smoothies you have ever made.  Come hungry! 

On Saturday night, the main attraction in the Mountainlair Food Court will be a Velcro Wall, in which students can run down the inflatable, then launch themselves again the giant “sticky” wall.  Don’t worry, your special sticky suit will hold you in any position. 

Thursday through Saturday we will be serving taco bar, black bean soup, tossed salad, popcorn, and nacho bar beginning at 10pm. Friday and Saturday we will be serving breakfast at midnight, including omelets, hash browns, fresh fruit, sausage, rolls and donuts.

On Sunday, Mountainlair Programming & Special Events will feature the WVU Faculty/Staff Talent Show at 3:00pm in the Mountainlair Ballrooms.  Like Clark Kent stepping into the phone booth, your WVU Faculty/Staff members will be changing into their alter egos to entertain and amaze you with talents they keep under wraps during normal working hours.  Join us to find out what else your WVU faculty and staff are passionate about.  Let’s fill the Ballroom for an afternoon that will showcase the variety of abilities and gifts we have here at WVU.  We invite all of our Mountaineer community to be here so bring a co-worker or classmate and cheer them on!

 Please join us for all of the activities that we have planned for you this weekend!