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Honors Courses for Fall 2016

Here is a list of Fall 2016 Honors Courses and Honors add-ons, along with some instructions for best searching the schedule of classes for Honors courses.

There are a few things to be aware of when searching the schedule of classes for Honors courses.  

  • First, is that the Course Scheduler doesn’t currently show notes attached, and many Honors courses have explanatory notes.  When you use the Course Scheduler, you may also want to double check your classes by searching them in the full Schedule of classes at
  •  Second, if you want to search the full course schedule for Honors classes, there is an easy way to get them all at once, and not just HONR courses.

  1.  In the search field for “Subject” select every option, from Accounting to Wood Science. You can usually do this by clicking the first subject, scrolling all the way down, and while holding “shift” clicking the last subject.
  2.  In the field for “Campus/Location” click on “WVU Main Campus”
  3. In the GEC/Capstone…” search field, scroll down to select “Honors”   §  Note:  For whatever reason, you cannot search Honors and a GEC category. 
  4. Hit “Class Search”

  • In the meantime, please find below a listing of all Honors courses and add-ons.  Full sections have the section listed.  Courses that are modifiable with an add-on have the base course listed, followed by the registration information for the add-on. This list will be updated frequently as the course list evolves.

Fall 2016 Honors Courses