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Department of Emergency Medicine Course Offering

The Department of Emergency Medicine will offer the course CHPR 440, Clinical Research Methods and Practice, during the 2016 Fall Semester.  This course offers a unique, “hands on” experience in a busy academic emergency department (ED) and urgent care center where many public health issues and problems, such as substance abuse, diabetes, and intimate partner violence, are often encountered.  In addition to a didactic component covering various topics including research ethics, research design, and database considerations, students will have the opportunity to enroll patients in various research studies and administer data collection instruments.  Interested students should plan to meet briefly with Dr. Steve Davis prior to enrollment to discuss specific course requirements.  This course is especially of interest to students interested in pursuing a medical or health related career.  The experiences gained in this course can help differentiate students from other applicants during the medical school (or other health profession) application process.  Honors college students have completed the course in the past and more are welcome!  Honors credit can be earned for this course by registering for the honors add-on section. 

If you have further questions, or to schedule an appointment to discuss course enrollment, please kindly contact Dr. Steve Davis, at  He is the Director of Clinical Research and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Medicine at WVU School of Medicine.