Compensated Summer Opportunities with Upward Bound and Energy Express

Getting involved during the summer is a great way to bolster your resume, enhance your education, and benefit your community!  Here are some opportunities with two excellent organizations.  

The first set of opportunities is with Upward Bound, “a federally-funded TRiO program established to help high school students overcome social, academic, and cultural barriers to higher education,” that the Honors College has a great relationship with.  Upward Bound operates a number of programs in Morgantown during the summer for high school students, and is currently seeking students interested in helping to coordinate these programs.  Upward Bound is seeking an: academic support coordinator to “implement a daily tutoring program and assist high school students with capstone projects during the Six-Week Summer Residential Program (June 25-August 4);” a newsletter/social media coordinator to promote program activities and student accomplishments during the Six-Week Summer Residential Program (June 25-August 4);” and residential advisors to “to work with teens (ages 14 to 19) in a residential setting during the Six-Week Summer Residential Program (June 25-August 4).”  If you submit an application for any of these positions, please send a confirmation email to Matt Spearly at

The second set of opportunities is with the WVU Extension Service’s Energy Express; details about these positions are available here.  Energy Express is seeking mentors to “make learning fun for small groups of school-age children by creating an enriching environment focused on reading, writing, drama, and art.”  Additionally, Energy Express is seeking community coordinators to “raise awareness and involve parents and the community with children’s learning,” and “recruit, train, and supervise volunteers to read with children and engage in other activities at the site.” 

If you have detailed questions about the individual positions, you should contact Upward Bound or Energy Express.  If you have broader questions about service activities and community involvement, you can contact Matt Spearly at  

Honors College Eligibility Requirements:

Minimum High School GPA: 3.7

Minimum ACT Score: 26

Minimum SAT Score: 1180 (M/CR) or 1250 Redesigned SAT (M/EBRW)

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