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Mission Statement & Values


The Honors College enhances the undergraduate experience for students at West Virginia University by building a community of scholars who enrich their education in the classroom and beyond.


We lead.

The Honors College teaches students to be leaders in their classrooms and in their communities, pursuing a spirit of innovative thinking, responsible and accountable conduct, and extraordinary achievement.  We model that leadership by fostering innovative learning environments that are test-beds for excellent teaching across the curriculum, and by epitomizing the integrity that we expect in our students.

We explore.

The Honors College helps students cultivate a curiosity about the world around them; develop persistence and resilience in solving the academic and social problems they encounter and research; and pursue an adventurous spirit that embraces intellectual risks for the sake of personal, academic, and community growth.

We build.

The Honors College builds an environment that empowers its students to construct their own solutions to individual and collective problems; to work harder and more deeply in the scholarly, research, and experiential activities they undertake; and to forge connections with peers, mentors, and community partners to better share our knowledge.

We work together.

The Honors College hosts an inclusive community of scholars by collaborating with faculty and staff across the entire campus; by facilitating connections among students through social and academic activities in both their living and learning environments; and by encouraging them to expand the scope of their work to include local, regional, and global contexts.

We are Mountaineers.

As a prominent component of West Virginia’s flagship institution, the Honors College cultivates an attitude of service to the Mountain State, our broader region, and the world.   By combining a service mindset with the leader’s stance, the explorer’s vision, the builder’s work ethic, and the community’s collaboration, we embody and model the Mountaineer spirit.