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Study Abroad

Students at the Great Wall of China

Policies and Procedures:

The Honors College will apply the honors designation to credit earned during academic study abroad experiences, and encourages the development of honors thesis credit in conjunction with significant, immersive study abroad experiences of a full semester or more.

In order to take advantage of these opportunities, students must follow the procedures and fill out the application in the documents below to petition for the honors designation for study abroad credit, or coordinate honors thesis credit in advance of the student’s departure for the study abroad experience.

For full policies,see the Study Abroad Honors Credit Policies and Procedures.

To apply for credit, please complete the study abroad application.

Important Notes:

Honors Credit for Study Abroad Experiences:

You can get the honors designation for credit earned on any WVU-sanctioned study abroad experience, whether full-semester or full-year exchanges, faculty-led programs, international research, or international internships.

In order to receive honors credit, students must complete the following work:

In order to use the study abroad experience as the honors thesis requirement, students must complete the following work, typically due to the honors office within one month of your return to the U.S.:

Submitting your Work:

You should submit your work within roughly one month of your return to the U.S., or if you return during the summer, within a week of your return to campus. Completed work may be submitted to Dr. Clement by email or by hard copy.

Once your work has been reviewed, a note will be placed in DegreeWorks. If the credit you have earned while abroad is already in DegreeWorks (e.g. for a WVU faculty-led program), it will be moved to your Honors block.  If you are transferring credit from an institution abroad, you should notify the Honors Office when that credit appears on your transcript so that DegreeWorks can be updated at that time.