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Assistant Dean

Dr. Damien Clement is an assistant professor in the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences at West Virginia University. He obtained his undergraduate degree in sports medicine/ athletic training from the University of Charleston in 2003. While at the University of Charleston, Dr. Clement captained the track and field team his junior and senior years. 

Upon his graduation Dr. Clement enrolled in West Virginia University concurrently pursuing a doctoral degree in sport and exercise psychology and a masters degree in community counseling. He completed his masters degree in community counseling in December 2007 and his doctoral degree in sport and exercise psychology in May 2008. In August of 2008 Dr. Clement was hired as an assistant professor at West Virginia University to teach undergraduate sport and exercise psychology courses and graduate athletic training courses. 

Dr. Clement is currently a Certified Athletic Trainer, a National Certified Counselor as well as an Association for Applied Sport Psychology Certified Consultant. He is an active member in the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, National Athletic Trainers’ Association, West Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association, and American Psychological Association. 

Dr. Clement’s research interests span both sport and exercise psychology and athletic training. More specifically he is interested in professional issues in sport psychology and athletic training as well as psychology of sport injury. Dr. Clement has conducted psychological skills training programs with injured athletes within the athletic training room setting in addition to performance enhancement sessions both in an individual and team setting.