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Dr. Kenneth Blemings of the West Virginia University intercollegiate undergraduate program in biochemistry and assistant director of the Division of Animal & Nutritional Sciences in the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Design was named dean of the WVU Honors College in 2015.

Dean Blemings came to WVU in 1999 as an assistant professor of nutritional biochemistry and of genetics and developmental biology in the Division of Animal and Veterinary Sciences. In 2010, he was named assistant director of academic programs for the division. He was a 2012 WVU Foundation Outstanding Teacher and a recipient of an APLU/USDA regional teaching award the same year. He became chair of the WVU’s intercollegiate undergraduate program in biochemistry in 2013.

Dr. Blemings has been providing leadership in Honors education for many years. He has instructed a variety of Honors courses, served as an Honors advisor, and been a valuable member of the Honors College Advisory Council.