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Applying to Honors EXCEL

The Honors EXCEL program admits students during two cycles: most students will apply in spring of their second year for fall admission; students with three to four semesters remaining at WVU can also apply for spring admission during the fall semester. 

The Honors EXCEL program will accept applications for Fall 2022 admission into the program between Monday, Feb. 7 at noon and Monday, April 25, 2022. Applications must be submitted by the deadline of Monday, April 25, 2022. See the direct link to apply via the Fall 2022 Honors EXCEL Program Application here. 

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Fall 2022 Admission

Call for Applications

Are you a WVU student who will be a junior by Fall 2022? Are you passionate about research, community service, global engagement or creative arts, and looking for ways to enrich that passion through experiential learning? Then join the Honors Experiential and Community Engaged Learning (EXCEL) program by applying with a project idea for Fall 2022 admission!

The deadline for application submission for Fall 2022 admis sion is Monday, April 25, 2022. Students are strongly encouraged to  contact us to receive feedback on your project idea, and for assistance with preparing your application for Fall 2022.

To apply, read and follow the detailed instructions listed below, and submit your application on the Honors College applications portal.

About the Honors EXCEL Program

The Honors EXCEL program supports WVU undergraduate students as they create, develop and implement experiential and community-engaged learning projects on a topic of their choice. Honors EXCEL students develop and implement their projects over three to four semesters, supported by the Honors EXCEL program through  tailored courses, experiential learning, dedicated mentors and affiliate faculty, and project funding. A detailed, semester-by-semester description of the program and of its components can be found in the Honors EXCEL Program Handbook.

Student Eligibility

West Virginia University students from all specialties and fields of study (social sciences, STEM, the arts, the humanities, etc.) are invited to apply for January 2022 admission, provided they:

Eligibility for Honors EXCEL is not dependent on previous enrollment in the Honors Foundations program.

Project Eligibility

Students may apply with any project idea, coming from any field or academic specialty. It is expected that most project ideas will be in their early stages, and not yet fully developed. 

A strong project proposal:

Otherwise, the theme and topic of your project idea are limited only by your imagination. For ideas and examples, check out the Project Inspiration page of the Honors EXCEL program.

Want to Learn More?

We are more than happy to address your questions, to provide you with additional information about the program and the application process, and to support you as you design your project idea and application.


Need more information about the program? Meet with program staff and learn more about the benefits and requirements of the Honors EXCEL program. In-person events will be marked with *. Events will be added as dates are confirmed.


Throughout the months of October and November, you can stop by every week during our weekly virtual office hours on Zoom to receive feedback on your project idea, assistance with your application, or to learn more about what the program offers.

If you can not make it during these weekly office hours, you can also email us to set up an appointment for another day or time of your convenience.


Contact us by email at

How to Apply

The deadline to submit your application for Fall 2022 admission is Monday, April 25, 2022. Students are strongly encouraged to  contact us to receive feedback on your project idea, and for assistance with preparing your application for Fall 2022.

In order to apply,


Before you submit your application, verify that it is ready to be submitted by answering the following questions:

  1. What is your project idea? How do you plan to accomplish it over the next three to four semesters?
  2. Who will help mentor you on your project? (We can help you find a mentor if you contact us beforehand!)
  3. Who will be impacted by your project? ( community impact)
  4. How have your previous curricular or extracurricular experiences prepared and qualified you to take on this project?
  5. How will this project enrich your undergraduate academic experience?


To submit your application to the Honors EXCEL program, follow the steps outlined below. [

  1. Go to the WVU Honors College application portal website.
  2. Register for an account by clicking the “Register” button, and entering your name, WVU MIX email account, and a password, and clicking “Create Account.” (Please note: if you have already created an account on this page to apply to another Honors program, you do not need to do so again.)
  3. Sign in using your MIX email account and the new password.
  4. Click "View programs."
  5. Scroll or search for "Fall 2022 Honors EXCEL Program Application" or click the direct link here. Click on "More."
  6. Read through the explanation of the program, then click "Apply." This will take you to the application checklist page. This page will let you see where you are in the application process.
  7. Look at the task list. You will see two tasks: "Fall 2022 Honors EXCEL Program Application" and "Request Mentor Confirmation."  Note: You must complete the application form first. After the application form is completed, you will be able to complete the mentor confirmation task.
  8. Click on the "Fall 2022 Honors EXCEL Program Application." 
  9. Complete the application form. Note: you can scroll to the bottom of the page and save your application at any time by clicking the "Save & Continue Editing" button. It is recommended that you draft your essays in a word processor (such as Microsoft Word, Notepad or Google Docs) first, before adding them to your application.
  10. Use the application form as a space to outline your project. Answer questions thoroughly and honestly. Pay attention to the character limits.
  11. When you have completed your application, click "Mark as Complete." Note: Marking your application as complete is not the same as submitting it. Please continue to follow the instructions below to ensure your application is submitted properly. 
  12. On the left-hand side, select the task, "Request Mentor Confirmation." Click "Request a Recommendation" and identify your project mentor, who will support you throughout your Honors EXCEL project. Click “Send Request.”

    - The person you have identified will receive an email with instructions on how to submit their confirmation.  

    - After submitting the request, click on “Mark as Complete.” Note: you need to mark all the steps as “complete,” before submitting your application. However, marking a task as “complete” does not mean that the application has been submitted.

  13. If your GPA is between 3.0 and 3.4, you will also need to obtain a letter of recommendation.

    - On the left-hand side, select the step titled "Request GPA Recommendation." Click on “Request a Recommendation” to identify a recommender. Click on “Send Request.” The person you have identified will receive an email asking them to submit a letter of recommendation.

    - Your recommender should be your academic advisor or another WVU faculty or staff member who can vouch for your ability to complete your project and/or speak to any extenuating circumstances which may have impacted your GPA.

    - Click on “Mark as Complete.” Note: marking this task as “complete” does not imply that the application has been submitted. Please follow the steps below to submit your complete application.
  14. After completing all the tasks (1. "Fall 2022 Honors EXCEL Program Application," 2. "Request Mentor Confirmation," and, if needed, 3. "Request GPA Recommendation") click the "Review” button. Carefully review your application to check for any typos or missing information.
  15. When you are satisfied with your application, click “Submit Your Application.”
  16. Congratulations! Your application has now been submitted.
  17. After submitting your application, you can always check its current status by logging in to the main application page (