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Information for Faculty Mentors

Asked to be a faculty mentor for an Honors EXCEL project? Make sure you fill out this Mentor Confirmation Form if you did not already do so as part of the student application process.

What can you  expect  from your student?

Honors EXCEL students will: 

  1. Complete the requirements of the Honors EXCEL program
  2. Write a detailed a project prospectus in conjunction with HONR450 in the first semester of the program
  3. Meet with their faculty mentor regularly to update them on their progress
  4. Work approximately 3-4 hours/week on the project for each credit earned
  5. Determine the scope of the project such that it requires several semesters, read the relevant literature, and learn the appropriate methodologies to complete the project
  6. Maintain ownership of the project, both in terms of its progress and by independently advancing the work in a meaningful way
  7. Complete a final written document and oral presentation in conjunction with HONR451 in the last semester of the program
  8. Abide by all WVU policies and procedures and any other legal or ethical guidelines that relate to the project.

What can you  expect  from the Honors EXCEL program and the Honors College?

The Honors College and the Honors EXCEL program will:

  1. Select students for the Honors EXCEL program through an application process 
  2. Provide curricular support through HONR450 and HONR451, which teach project development, project management and communication skills
  3. Create course sections for each student’s experiential learning credits as necessary
  4. Provide financial support for student projects ($1000 per student)
  5. Provide secondary mentorship for students through our Program Affiliates
  6. Provide additional academic support through the development of out-of-class experiences for students
  7. Recognize program completion on student transcripts
  8. Provide assessment tools for faculty mentors
  9. Provide a letter of acknowledgement to faculty mentors for use in promotion/tenure

What is asked from me when I mentor an Honors EXCEL student?

The Honors EXCEL program supports students through multi-semester experiential learning projects. When agreeing to mentor an Honors EXCEL student, we ask that you:

  1. Commit to 3-4 semesters to assist the student with their project
  2. Help your student develop their project by determining the scope of the work and the appropriate methodologies/ practices/processes
  3. Meet with your student regularly to monitor their progress
  4. Ensure that the student receives all required safety or ethics training associated with the project
  5. Assist your student as they develop their project prospectus for HONR450 and their final written document and presentation for HONR451 (may include reading, providing feedback, revising, etc.) 
  6. Respond in a timely manner to communications from your student
  7. Encourage your student through challenges and provide opportunities to enhance their project when possible
  8. List students you've mentored on your C.V. and annual productivity report.

Honors faculty mentors may be asked to be the instructor of record for experiential learning courses (491, 495, 497, etc). In that case, you would provide a grade that describes the performance of your student that semester. Note that the Honors College will create sections of these courses as necessary.