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Experiential Learning Syllabus Template

See below for a template for an Experiential Learning Syllabus for 491, 495 or 497 courses in any discipline. 

These courses provide students with an opportunity to develop as a scholar through independent study, research or field experience. Students can earn 1, 2 or 3 credits by completing 45, 90 or 135 hours toward their Honors EXCEL project and completing the academic components of this course. These courses can be repeated in subsequent semesters, but the syllabus must be updated to reflect the updated project and learning goals each time.

Please complete this fillable syllabus template [PDF] and submit as a PDF with your Experiential Learning Credits form.

Basic Information

Short Answer

Please use this template to describe how this course will meet the requirements for Honors College EXCEL program experiential learning.

Additional Requirements

The Honors EXCEL program requires each of the following in a course that is used for experiential learning. These assignments are intended build connections between the student's Honors EXCEL project and the knowledge and skills developed in and around academic settings. Please describe how you will complete these requirements.

Additional policies and procedures: Work completed in this course is subject to the rules and regulations set forth by West Virginia University. For information regarding Academic Integrity, Academic Dishonesty, Accessibility, Inclusivity and other relevant policies, please see the website here.