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Machine Learning Prediction in Cardiovascular Disease

A man with short dark hair and wearing a blue vest and grey shirt sits on a bench

Raafay Uqaily is working with Dr. Brijesh Patel in the WVU Heart and Vascular Institute project to develop a machine learning model that can detect different forms of cardiomyopathy. Currently, echocardiograms are used to aid in the diagnosis of cardiomyopathy; however, this is a time consuming, relatively invasive and costly procedure. Uqaily is collecting ECG data of patients around the same time as the echocardiogram / cardiac catheterization to see if he can find any significant differences in ECG parameters of patients with and without cardiomyopathy. He'll use the data to develop a predictive model that can predict if the patient has cardiomyopathy or not (and if so, what type).