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Contracting Courses

Small classroom

Applications for contracting will be reviewed on a rolling basis up until the Friday of week 7 of a given semester.

The application should detail the assigned project and be reviewed with the course’s instructor before submission.  The Honors College does not mandate specific upper or lower limits on the work required for the contract; faculty members and students should work together to devise work appropriate to the course subject and level.  

Projects should be substantive in both content and process, allowing for substantial learning and growth from students. The College recommends the project complete one of the following goals:

In addition, the Honors College welcomes projects outside of a research paper. Some examples include: PR campaign, service project, laboratory research, and presenting in class or in the community. In some cases, contracted projects might be significant expansions of existing projects.

To consult with the Honors College on appropriate work, students or faculty may contact the Assistant Dean.  

Contract Course Application

Contract Course Guidelines [PDF]

Contract Course Letter to Instructors [PDF]