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The Honors College Office is open, but our staff members are teleworking. We are available for student advising and meetings using Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts or phone. Please email us at or call us at 304-293-2100 to contact our staff. We are here for you!

Students Admitted Prior to Fall 2017

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, WVU will not be holding the traditional Commencement ceremonies this May. Instead, the University will hold an online commencement experience for graduates on Saturday, May 16, followed by a special, in-person commencement celebration in December.

As a result of this decision, the Honors College will also not hold our traditional Medallion Ceremony this May. We in the Honors College are disappointed we will not be able to celebrate the end of your Honors College experience with you, but we believe the University’s decision is for the best given the coronavirus pandemic.

The Honors College is currently exploring the possibility of holding an Honors Medallion Ceremony this December. We will reach out to you with more information in the coming weeks once a decision has been made.

Honors College students graduating from West Virginia University in 2020 or earlier will graduate under the four year Honors College program. This program has two designations: Presidential Honors and Dean's Honors. See the Honors College Handbook for the full Honors College policies and procedures for this program.

Students who successfully complete their Honors College requirements can apply for recognition at graduation, and are invited to attend the Honors College Medallion Ceremony.  

Presidential Honors

25 Honors credit hours

Combination of Honors hours (1-hour Honors orientation + 24 Honors hours). Learn about how to earn Honors credit here.

Senior project/thesis/or approved substitution 

Semester of study abroad, internship, or community-based service experience.  An undergraduate thesis can be taken from a major requirement project, or it can be an additional independent study. Students must submit their project for Honors approval. See instructions on the Honors Thesis page.

3.5 grade point average

You should have this grade point average the semester before you apply to graduate.

Exit interview process

More information on completing the exit interview process can be found in the Applying for Recognition section near the bottom of the page.

Dean's Honors

16 Honors credit hours

Combination of Honors hours (1-hour Honors orientation + 15 Honors hours). Learn about how to earn Honors credit here.

3.4 grade point average

You should have this grade point average the semester before you apply to graduate.

Exit interview process

More information on completing the exit interview process can be found in the Applying for Recognition section below.

Applying for Recognition

Students who have completed the Honors College requirements for either Presidential or Dean's Honors must complete the following steps to receive Honors College recognition:
  • Apply to graduate with your academic college.  Remember: an application for Honors recognition is not an application to graduate from West Virginia University. You must meet all graduation requirements and deadlines from the Registrar's Office, as well as your academic college, in order to graduate.
  • Submit your Thesis for Honors recognition. Honors College students wishing to have their thesis count for Honors requirements must submit the online thesis/senior project application form. See the Honors Thesis page for more information on thesis options and requirements.
    • Please note: the thesis is required for Presidential Honors and is optional for Dean's Honors.
  • Apply for Honors Recognition online. After applying to graduate from your academic college, you must complete the online Honors Scholar Application for Recognition form. This lets us know that you need an Honors credit audit completed and that you intend to graduate. The online application for Honors Recognition for Spring 2019 graduates is due by Friday, March. 15.
    • Please note: you must make sure that all required paperwork for earning Honors course credit has been filed with the Honors College Office. You must have the correct paperwork filed in order to receive Honors credits for: study abroad, internships, your thesis, etc. Contact our office with any questions or issues.
  • You will receive an email from Vickie Sigley. This email will contain more information about the process, including a link to schedule your exit interview date and time.
  • Schedule Your Exit Interview. Students who applied for Honors Recognition should look at their email from Vickie Sigley for a link to sign up for an exit interview with a member of Honors College faculty. Exit interview times will be available near the end of the semester in which you are planning to graduate.
  • Write the three-page Honors College reflection paper. The reflection paper should discuss your four-year experience in the Honors College.
  • Complete the Honors College Pre-Exit Interview Data form. Please complete this form at least one day prior to your interview. (Note: the form link will only be active when exit interview registration is open.) You must submit your updated resume and reflection paper with this form. 
  • Attend Your Exit Interview. Exit interviews will take place at the Honors College office at 250 Second Street on Downtown Campus. 
  • Honors College Medallion Ceremony. Students who successfully complete the application for graduation and application for Honors recognition process are invited to attend the Honors College Medallion Ceremony the Thursday prior to graduation.
  • Graduate with Your Academic College. All Honors College students who successfully complete the application for graduation and Honors recognition process can wear a gold Honors graduation gown and Honors medallion at their college graduation, and will have their achievement indicated on their diplomas.

Honors Probation & Suspension

Per class rank, Honors College students entering the program between 2010 and 2014 must maintain the following GPA each semester:



Presidential Scholar GPA      

Dean's Scholar GPA

First Year




Second Year




Third Year




Fourth Year




Failure to achieve the required GPA for a given semester results in probation within the Honors College. Probationary students are notified after semester grades have been reviewed by the Honors College faculty.

Students on probation may be reinstated to good standing by raising their GPA so that their cumulative average is above the minimum required. Re-instated students will be notified once this has occurred. 

Continued failure to meet minimums will result in suspension from the Honors College. Suspension includes the loss of all privileges associated with being an Honors Student. Note that suspensions are not recorded on university transcripts.

Further, freshmen admitted on probation may be suspended after the first semester if their GPA does not meet or exceed the minimum. Suspended students can petition for re-admission if their GPA improves.

Good Standing/Waiver Form

In addition to maintaining a strong GPA, all Honors students are required to take at least one Honors course per semester. If a student is unable to do so, they must fill out the waiver form.

Causes for Dismissal

Causes for dismissal from the Honors College include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Academic Dishonesty
  • Theft and/or destruction of University and/or Honors College Property
  • Criminal Offense
  • Violation of the Honors Student Code of Conduct

All dismissal matters are at the discretion of the Dean. For an explanation of the appeals process, please see the Student Code of Conduct at Student Life.

Leaving the Honors College

Students wishing to leave the Honors College for any reason are asked to alert the Honors College office. You must send an e-mail to from your University MIX account stating that you wish to withdraw your membership from the Honors College effective immediately, and include your WVU Student Identification Number and full name. We WILL NOT accept an e-mail from any other account. If you cannot access your MIX account, you will need to come into the office and provide us with written documentation.