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Admitted Students

Admitted as an Honors College first-time freshman for fall semester 2019? Congratulations! 

Incoming freshmen who have been admitted to the Honors Foundations Program can find resources on their next steps here.

Complete Steps to Enrollment

All admitted students should follow the  Steps to Enrollment listed on the WVU Admissions website. Students should be sure to activate their WVU Login as soon as possible. By activating this login, students will gain access to their WVU MIX email account. For many University offices, including the Honors College, this will be the primary method of communication with students. Be sure to check your MIX email account frequently for updates.

Don't know how to activate your MIX email account? Follow the instructions here

Applying for Housing

Students who have been admitted to the Honors College can apply for Honors Housing (pending availability). All University housing is first-come, first-served. In order to select housing, students must follow the instructions found on the Housing website

Can't select Honors housing? Call the Honors College to check on your status at 304-293-2100. Contact the Housing Assignments Office with specific Housing Application or Housing Deposit questions: 304-293-2811.

New Student Orientation

All incoming freshmen are required to attend New Student Orientation. New Student Orientation begins at the end of May and runs through the end of June. For students not arriving on campus until August and international students, there are also orientation options right before move-in in August. More information, including specific dates, will be available mid-Spring.

During orientation, students meet with their residence hall leadership team, learn about their academic programs, have their photo taken for their official Mountaineer ID card, explore the services available to encourage their success at WVU, meet with an academic adviser and register for classes.

The Honors College will hold several specific Honors-only New Student Orientation days. During Honors New Student Orientation days, students get the chance to meet their fellow Honors students before move-in. Honors College staff are on-hand to answer student and parent questions, and Honors-specific information sessions occur throughout the day.

Summer Read

All Honors College students are required to read the Campus Read and write a short essay as their first assignment for their Honors 298o course. See the Fall 2018 Campus Read here. The Fall 2019 Campus Read will be announced by the end of spring semester 2019.

Summer Opportunities

Want to meet Honors College students before move-in? Consider joining other Honors College freshmen for an Adventure WV trip! The Honors College is offering several Honors College specific trips with Adventure WV each summer. More information will be announced spring semester 2019.

More information: See the Adventure WV website.

Early Move-In

All Honors College freshmen are required to move in one day early to participate in required Honors programming. Honors College students will participate in the required Honors Induction Ceremony and Honors Retreat. During the Induction Ceremony, students will officially join the Honors College with a pinning ceremony. At the Retreat, students will meet their Honors College mentors, and bond with the Honors freshmen from their Honors Orientation Add-On course section.  

Please note: like all early move-in programs, students are assessed a pro-rated early move-in fee. This fee will not appear on a student's bill until mid-August, after students have moved in. This fee varies based on the dorm the student has selected, but is usually around $25. Please note that this fee is greatly reduced from the regular early move-in fee imposed on other students.