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Past Winners

Student Awards

J & C Nath Outstanding Honors Graduate Award

One or more students are selected each year as Honors College Outstanding Graduates. The award is granted by a committee of Honors faculty and staff. Nominations can be made by any West Virginia University student, alumni, faculty member or advisor (with the exception of full-time employees of the Honors College).
  • 2022 
    • Alexandra Holsclaw, advertising, Reed College of Media
    • Raimah Hossain, biomedical engineering, Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources
  • 2021
    • Jessica Hogbin, history; world languages, literature, and linguistics (BA) and religious studies, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
    • Christina White, biology and international studies, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2020
    • Mikalaa Martin, forensic & investigative science, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
    • Jordan Nistendirk, political science and history, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2019
    • Kelsey Eackles, psychology, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
    • Lynsey Soule, biology, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2018
    • Jordan Riggs, history, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
    • Kensey Bergdorf, immunology & medical microbiology, School of Medicine, multidisciplinary studies, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2017
    • Cassandra Drain psychology, multidisciplinary studies, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
    • Nick Haas, forensic & investigative sciences, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2016
    • Trevor Butcher, chemistry, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
    • Hannah Clipp, wildlife & fisheries resources, Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design, multidisciplinary studies, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2015
    • Deonna Gandy, general business, College of Business & Economics 
    • Emma Van der Aarde, international relations, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2014
    • Sarah Freeman, biochemistry, Intercollegiate Program
    • Nainika Nanda, chemistry, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
  • 2013
    • Tonia Ahmed, chemistry, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences
    • Jessica Carr, chemistry, Eberly College of Arts & Sciences

Robert F. Munn Library Scholars Award for the Humanities and Social Sciences

The Robert F. Munn Library Scholars Award is presented annually to a student for outstanding research contributions in the humanities or social sciences that have culminated in the production of an exceptional thesis or capstone research paper. Winners are awarded $1,000 and are recognized publicly by the University and the Libraries. The Robert F. Munn Library Scholars Award judges may select up to three winners.
  • 2022
    • Samantha N. Franzese, "Analyzing Parent Characteristics and Invalid Responses on the Brief Child Abuse Potential Inventory.”
    • Jude Platz, “Decadal Disparities in the Election of Women to State Legislatures”
    • Elizabeth Rockwell, “Ethnomusicology, Ethnocentrism, and the Other.”
  • 2021
    • Adam Benjamin, “Labor-Power as It’s Found: Surplus Labor and Development Initiatives in Revolutionary Zanzibar.”
    • Aerianna McClanahan, “The Downfalls of Performative White Allyship on Social Media in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement.”
  • 2020
    • Iain MacKay, “Vermeer as Aporia: Indeterminacy, Divergent Narratives, and Ways of Seeing.”
    • Jordan Nistendirk, “Insiders and Outsiders on the Gay Community in Weimar Berlin.”
    • Jack Steketee, “The Effects of Environmental Restoration on Housing Prices in Northern Colorado.”
  • 2019
    • Hannah Coffey, “Childhood Trauma: An Analysis of Trauma Severity, Symptoms, and Contributing Factors.”
    • Kelsey R. Eackles, “Exploring Provider-Patient Interactions with Young Children in the Dental Setting.”
  • 2018
    • Elizabeth Satterfield, “Swiss Settlement in Randolph County, West Virginia: A Study of Land Deals, Policies, and Immigration."
    • Rachel A. Wattick, “The Relationship between Dietary Quality and Mental Health in a Young Adult Appalachian College Population.”
  • 2017
    • Hayley Harman, “Electronic Cigarette Expectancies in Adolescents: Exploring the Relation between User Status and Beliefs.”
    • Janelle Vickers, “So Why Do We Choose the Boys That Are Naughty?: An Examination of the Byronic Hero in the Modern Age.”
  • 2015
    • Jordan Lovejoy, “Speaking with the Silenced: Unquiet Ecologies in the Appalachian Writing of Denise Giardina.”
    • Matthew Trickett, “Investigation of the Relations between CES-D Subscale Scores and MRNI-SF Masculinity Scores.”
  • 2014
    • Megan Bean, “Queering Caillebotte: Subversive Portraits of Masculinity.”
    • Madeline Vandevender, “A Marsh Encounter: Implications of Place in Brian Jacques’ Salamandastron.”
  • 2013
    • Jessica Brielle “Brie” Kawalek, “Psychopathy as a Mediator between Disgust and Violent Behavior.”
  • 2012
    • Abigail Cioffi, “Dunmore’s War: How Virginia’s West was Won."
    • Miriah Hamrick, “An Adversary for Mr. Bryan: West Virginia’s Forgotten Contributions to the Antievolution Crusade."
    • Jared Jones, “From Fraud to God: Characterisations of the Scientist in British Literature, 1726-1818.”
  • 2011
    • Alexandra Day Coffman, “The Life and Influence of William H. Kendrick: A Short Biography of ‘Teepi’ Kendrick."
    • Chelsea Richmond, “Tito’s Yugoslavia: America’s Cold War Weapon."
  • 2009 (inaugural year award granted)
    • Chelsea Leigh Derlan, "The Significance of Parenting Stress, Substance Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence, and Other Potential Risk Factors on Treatment Outcomes and Adherence for Child Maltreatment."
    • Theodora Kelly Trimble, "Women's Conflict Journals: World War II through the Yugoslav Wars"

Faculty, Advisor and Mentor Awards

Outstanding Honors Teaching Award

The Outstanding Honors College Teaching Award is given for outstanding teaching in an Honors course or an Honors section. Any WVU Honors College student in good standing may nominate an instructor of an Honors course, section, or add-on taught during the academic year.  

Outstanding Honors Advisor Award

Any WVU Honors College student in good standing may nominate an advisor for the Outstanding Honors College Advisor Award.

Outstanding Honors EXCEL Mentor Award

The Honors EXCEL Mentor Award recognizes outstanding mentoring of Honors EXCEL students. Any WVU Honors EXCEL College student in good standing may nominate their mentor.