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Honors College Events

The Honors College hosts lectures and events throughout the year. 

See the full Honors College calendar here.

Honors Faculty Fellow Lectures 

The Honors College Faculty Fellows program encourages curricular innovation, giving faculty the opportunity to design new Honors College courses that also fit within the General Education Foundations (GEF) course framework. 

Each fall, the Honors Faculty Fellows give students and WVU community members the opportunity to learn more about a topic related to their Honors Foundations Courses. See the 2018 Honors Faculty Fellows Lecture Series schedule here.  

Honors College Early Move-In

All Honors College freshmen, regardless of where they live, are required to move-in one day early to participate in required Honors programming. 

Please note: like all early move-in programs, students living in on-campus housing are assessed a pro-rated early move-in fee. This fee will not appear on a student's bill until mid-August, after students have moved in. This fee varies based on the dorm the student has selected, but is usually around $25. Please note that this fee is greatly reduced from the regular early move-in fee imposed on other students.  

Honors College Induction & Retreat

The Induction Ceremony is held during Early Move-In, and is a pinning ceremony. All new Honors students will receive the official WVU Honors College pin to signify and solidify they are part of the Honors College community. Students will also participate in the required Honors College Retreat, where they will meet their Honors College mentors, and bond with the Honors freshmen from their Honors Orientation Add-On course section. 

Both the Honors College Induction & Retreat are required events for Honors first-time freshmen. All incoming Honors College first-time freshmen should plan on being on campus for these events. More information will become available closer to summer.

Honors College Medallion Ceremony

All graduating seniors in the four year Honors College program who have completed their Honors College requirements are invited to attend the Honors College Medallion Ceremony, held the Thursday before graduation. Guests are welcome to attend.  Details on the Honors College Medallion Ceremony can be found here.

Please note: students must meet all graduation requirements and deadlines from the Registrar's Office, as well as their academic college, in order to graduate. Students apply separately to receive Honors College recognition.