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Honors College Policies & Requirements

Second semester admissions

Anyone who has earned between 14 and 34 credit hours and has maintained a 3.7 cumulative GPA without an I or W on their transcript can submit an application for membership to the Honors College.

Probation & Suspension Status

There are several procedures in place to ensure that students maintain the academic and personal rigor integral to the Honors College. Among these are the regulations surrounding GPAs. Per class rank, Honors College students entering the program between 2010 and 2014 must maintain the following GPA each semester:



Presidential Scholar GPA      

Dean's Scholar GPA

First Year




Second Year




Third Year




Fourth Year




That said, some students may not achieve these minimums in a given semester. Failure to achieve the required GPA for a given semester results in probation within the Honors College. Probationary students are notified after semester grades have been reviewed by the Honors College faculty.

Students on probation may be reinstated to good standing by raising their GPA so that their cumulative average is above the minimum required. Re-instated students will be notified once this has occurred. Continued failure to meet minimums will result in suspension from the Honors College. Suspension includes the loss of all privileges associated with being an Honors Student. Note that suspensions are not recorded on university transcripts.

Further, freshmen admitted on probation may be suspended after the first semester, if their GPA does not meet or exceed the minimum. Suspended students can petition for re-admission if their GPA improves.

Good Standing/Waiver Form

In addition to maintaining a strong GPA, all Honors students are required to take at least one Honors course per semester. If a student is unable to do so, they must fill out the waiver form.

Honors Student Code of Conduct

All Honors students are required to sign the Honors Student Code of Conduct upon entering the Honors College. The Honors Code was written by Honors students for Honor students.

The code of conduct reads as follows:

As an Honors Student, I understand the privileges associated with the Honors College come with responsibilities.

West Virginia University and the Honors College take great pride in their students, and I intend to uphold the high standards of our University in order to show that I am proud to be a Mountaineer. I agree to act in a professional and respectful manner toward my peers, professors, and others at all times. In addition, I understand that the specifics of this respectful attitude include, but are not limited to:

With these fundamental principles in mind, I know that I will thrive as a productive member of the Honors community. I also know that my failure to adhere to these principles might lead to action at the discretion of the Dean. For an explanation of the appeals process, see Student Code of Conduct at Student Life.

Causes for Dismissal

Causes for dismissal from the Honors College include, but are not limited to the following:

All dismissal matters are at the discretion of the Dean. For an explanation of the appeals process, please see the Student Code of Conduct at Student Life.

Leaving the Honors College

Students wishing to leave the Honors College for any reason are asked to alert the Honors College office. You must send an e-mail to from your University MIX account stating that you wish to withdraw your membership from the Honors College effective immediately, and include your WVU Student Identification Number and full name. We WILL NOT accept an e-mail from any other account. If you cannot access your MIX account, you will need to come into the office and provide us with written documentation.

Honors College Handbook 2016-2017