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Honors Faculty Fellows

The Honors Foundations Program will support between six and ten Honors Faculty Fellows from around the campus per academic year.  Any full-time permanent Morgantown faculty member, with the support of the department chair and Dean's Office, is eligible to apply.  Selected fellows will teach two sections of the same course—one in the fall, and one in the spring—under the Honors Foundations course framework.  These courses are special topics “big-ideas” classes with deeply engaged teaching and learning practices that bring faculty expertise to Honors students at the introductory level.  They provide innovative course opportunities for Honors students and space for faculty to develop new curricular and teaching ideas to bring back to their home departments. 

In the year of their fellowship, Fellows will:

In exchange, Honors will compensate the Fellow’s home department at the adjunct replacement rate for both semesters, and will provide Fellows with a $4,000 course development stipend in July of the summer before Fellows begin teaching in the program.  

Questions should be directed to the Assistant Dean.

Team Teaching

One space in the slate of Honors Foundations Courses will be reserved for a team-teaching proposal. Fellows proposing team-taught courses should include a CV and a chair’s statement of support for each faculty member. Because of the resource-intensive nature of a team-taught course, Honors will compensate both host departments at the adjunct replacement rate, but will split the course development grant in half.  


Applications will be open in Fall 2017 for 2018-2019 Honors Faculty Fellows.  Applications, with chair support, will be due to the Honors College by November 15, 2017. 

To apply, applicants will submit the following materials:

Courses will be selected along several criteria, including but not limited to:

Selection Process

All Honors Foundations Course proposals must first be vetted by the chair in the home department in the statement of support. Chairs of other related departments that may have some curricular overlap will have the opportunity to review proposals during the selection stage.

Except in extraordinary circumstances pre-approved by affected chairs, no more than one faculty fellow will come from any given department within a single cohort. 

Efforts will be made to distribute Honors Foundation Course offerings across all six eligible GEF bins (2-7), and across multiple colleges across the university.

2018-2019 Honors Faculty Fellows Selection Timeline: 

• September 15, 2017: Call for applications for 2018-19 Honors Faculty Fellows

• November 15, 2017: Deadline for Honors Faculty Fellow applications/course proposals. The Assistant Dean will perform an initial review of all applications. If an applicant proposes a course that extends into another discipline, the Assistant Dean will seek sign-off from the chair of the department in question, before reinserting it into the batch of applications. This will be true for any HFC in the future, not just those in the Honors Faculty Fellows program.

• December 1, 2017: Honors Curriculum Committee meets to determine Honors Faculty Fellows, and provides course proposal feedback.

• January 8, 2018: selected Honors Faculty Fellows confirm participation and Honors curriculum committee submits selected courses to Faculty Senate GEF committee for information, ideally by February 2018 Faculty Senate Meeting.

• March, 2018 (estimated): Fall 2018 courses are made visible to students.

• July 2018: Fellows receive summer course development stipend.

• Early August 2018: Fellows meet as a cohort to share course plans and teaching strategies.

• August 2018:  Fellows teach first semester of courses.

• November 2018-January 2019: Fellows participate in selection process for next cohort.

• December 2018: Fellows meet to discuss semester and share ideas, successes, tweaks for following semester.

• January 2019: Second semester begins.

• May 2019: Honors Faculty Fellows meet for post-mortem discussion of year, offer feedback on program.

• 2018-19 School year: Honors Faculty Fellows lectures held across the school year.