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Learn About the Program

The Honors Foundations program will support between six and ten Honors Faculty Fellows from around the campus per academic year. 

Any full-time permanent Morgantown faculty member, with the support of the department chair, is eligible to apply. The deadline for 2023-2024 Honors Faculty Fellow applications and course proposals is Friday, November 11, 2022. 

Selected fellows will teach one or two sections of the same course, depending on the type of course proposed. These courses can be special topics “big-ideas” classes or enhanced classes with deeply engaged teaching and learning practices that bring faculty expertise to Honors students at the introductory level. They provide innovative course opportunities for Honors students and space for faculty to develop new curricular and teaching ideas to bring back to their home departments. 

Faculty Fellow Course Development Areas:

  1. Development of a new course under the Honors Foundation course framework. These courses should be special topics “big-ideas” classes with deeply engaged teaching and learning practices that bring specific faculty expertise to Honors students at the introductory level.  Passion projects are strongly encouraged. Selected fellows will teach two sections of the same course — one in the fall, and one in the spring.
  2. Integration of an innovative pedagogical approach into an existing GEF course to be delivered to Honors students. This opportunity will primarily allow faculty members to experiment with new approaches in the classroom with Honors students as their audience. These courses will only be taught for one semester.
  3. Development of team-taught, interdisciplinary courses. These courses could be new courses developed under the Honors Foundation course framework (see above) or could be existing courses, with the integration of an innovative pedagogical approach (see above). These courses will be taught for either one or two semesters.
  4. Development of an Honors add-on to an existing, larger course. It is our hope that these add-ons will allow Honors students to interact with the instructor and their peers in a more concentrated and focused environment to delve deeper into the subject matter and enhance their learning. These courses will only be taught for one semester.

In the year of their fellowship, Fellows will: 

In exchange, Honors will compensate the Fellow and their home department in these ways:  

Questions should be directed to Associate Dean Damien Clement (


Applications will be open in Fall 2022 for 2023-2024 Honors Faculty Fellows.  Applications, with chair support, will be due to the Honors College by November 11, 2022. 

To apply, applicants will submit the following materials in a single PDF file:

Courses will be selected along several criteria, including but not limited to:

Selection Process

All Honors Foundations Course proposals must first be vetted by the chair in the home department in the statement of support.

Except in extraordinary circumstances pre-approved by affected chairs, no more than one faculty fellow will come from any given department within a single cohort. 

Efforts will be made to distribute Honors Foundation Course offerings across all six eligible GEF bins (2-7), and across multiple colleges across the university.

Faculty Fellows will be expected to participate in a two-and-a-half-day workshop on course design tailored specifically for them, led by Robynn Shannon in combination collaboration with The Teaching and Learning Commons. This workshop will take place mid-May 2023. The goal of this workshop will be to provide Faculty Fellows with: 1) professional development in the principles and evidence-based practices of backward course design; 2) dedicated time and space to make substantial progress on putting your course together; and 3) TLC support and the opportunity for peer feedback on course components. Please note that there will be no expectations that Faculty Fellows have a completed course syllabus for this workshop or anything beyond the course proposal submitted with their Honors Faculty Fellow application

Tentative 2023-2024 Honors Faculty Fellows Selection Timeline: