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Honors Thesis/Senior Project

 The Honors Thesis/Senior Project

Students have multiple options to fulfill their Honors Thesis/ Senior Project Requirement:

·      A thesis-based 496 course that results in the production of a major final product.

·      A full semester  (or more) of study abroad for which the additional honors work has been completed for Honors credit.

      o  The study abroad application is available at the following address:

·      At least three credits of internship that meets the defined criteria for Honors credit.

·      At least three credits of undergraduate research (497) that has been approved for Honors credit.

·      Successful completion of SRVL495 with an independent Service Learning project.

Students doing a senior project must also apply to have this experience counted as such by completing the thesis application available at the following address:

Additionally, some departments have identified capstone options that can or do meet the standard of an Honors Senior project, which:

·      involves significant independent work on a major project

·      involves the production of new knowledge

·      involves thorough documentation and/or public presentation

·      represents a significant, substantial culmination of the student’s undergraduate work. 

The Honors Thesis Capstone Chart is provided for you to see a list (by major) of eligible courses that will count as a Capstone Course.

If an advisor or chair believes that an appropriate additional option exists within their department, please contact the Honors College Dean to initiate a review.