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Types of Honors Courses

There are many ways that faculty members can work with Honors students to enhance their pathway through the university. These experiences not only enrich students' educations, they can be quite invigorating for faculty members as well.  Some available options for faculty members are listed below.  Please contact the Honors College Dean or Associate Dean, or work with your department chair to determine the best option for you.

Earning Honors Foundation Credit

The Honors Foundations Program is a two-year Honors program designed to enrich students’ first years on campus.

Earning Honors EXCEL Credit

The Honors College Upper-Division Experiential Learning Program (Honors EXCEL Program) supports WVU undergraduate students in experiential and community-engaged learning. Students in the Honors EXCEL program will complete coursework and other requirements in 3-4 semesters. Learn more about the program requirements here.