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If you are looking for academic information on the four year program for class of 2020 and earlier, please visit that program’s academics page .

The Honors Foundations Program provides ample support to encourage you to take intellectual risks, make discoveries, explore the world around you, participate in exciting cutting-edge research projects, engage in community-based learning, and find your passion.

The Honors College is an interdisciplinary college that offers customized learning pathways for students who seek to enhance their education with academically “different” types of experiences. “Honors” does not necessarily mean “harder” or “more work.”

Our courses are active, hands-on learning laboratories where students can enhance their skills. Students should select Honors courses that will challenge them and inspire them to ask questions, seek impossible answers, and delve into the unknown.

Program Requirements

Honors Foundations Program students must complete a minimum of five Honors courses and 13 Honors credits. Students must also maintain a high GPA. For more information on requirements, maintaining good standing, and completing the program, visit Program Requirements .

Honors Courses and Maintaining Good Standing

As Honors College students, students have access to innovative courses, smaller class sizes, and leadership development.

For more information about earning Honors credit and maintaining good standing, see the Program Requirements

Academic Support

Honors College students can take advantage of testWELL Tutoring, a tutoring service provided by trained upper-class Honors College students. Tutoring is available at both Honors Hall and Lincoln Hall. All tWLC tutors are certified members of the National Tutoring Association.

First-time freshmen also receive guidance from Honors peer mentors. Peer mentors are upper-class students at the Honors College who help facilitate the Honors Orientation Add-on course HONR 298O each fall.


Honors College students are assigned an Honors advisor in their major. These advisors know both the Honors College program requirements and the requirements of the student’s major of study, and can advise the student on how to best take advantage of all the opportunities available to them.

Honors students also receive priority registration, registering before all non-Honors undergraduate students at WVU.

Beyond the Classroom

Honors College students are also encouraged to explore opportunities to enrich their education across campus, and plan for what comes next after graduating from WVU.

Opportunities include undergraduate research, help applying to nationally competitive scholarships for graduate school and study abroad, and preparation planning for healthcare career paths.

See more at Beyond the Classroom .