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Program Requirements

In order to complete the program, Honors Foundations Scholars must:

The Honors Foundations Program is designed to be completed in four semesters. The simplest way to complete the 13 Honors credit requirement is to take your Honors eligible orientation class first semester freshmen year (for most students this will be the Honors 298o orientation add-on), and one three-credit Honors course each semester for the student’s first four semesters at WVU. However, there are many ways to earn Honors credit, so individual students may follow a different schedule.

Earning Honors Credit

The Honors curriculum is designed to complement and enrich your program of study at WVU.

Ways to earn Honors credit include:

Maintaining Good Standing

Students are considered in good standing if they fulfill the following requirements:

After year one:

To extend after year two:

Completing the Program

To satisfactorily complete the program, students must meet appropriate final requirements: