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When you join the Honors College, you become a part of the Honors community.

The Honors Living and Learning Community

All Honors College students are part of the Honors College Living and Learning Community (LLC).

The Honors College LLC is a community that reaches across the West Virginia University campus to provide opportunities for Honors Scholars to extend their learning beyond the classroom through trips, dinners, and special events. Founded on the idea that some of the most important interactions a student has with professors and fellow students occur outside of the classroom, the LLC is committed to providing the opportunities for these encounters to take place.

Honors Housing

Honors College freshmen also have the opportunity to live in Honors Housing in one of our two dormitories: Honors Hall (Downtown Campus) and Lincoln Hall (Evansdale Campus). By choosing to live in Honors Housing, first-time freshmen join a vibrant community of motivated, engaged students, excited to make the most of their time at West Virginia University. All Resident Assistants (RAs) in Honors Housing are also Honors students. Tutoring by testWELL is available in both Lincoln Hall and Honors Hall, and the Honors Orientation Add-On 298O course is held in the Honors dormitories.

Hall Council

Any Honors student living on campus can get involved in organizing programming in their hall community by joining Hall Council. Students living in Honors Hall or Lincoln Hall can earn one Honors credit for Hall Council if they sign up for Honors 101 (HONR 101).

Becoming a Resident Assistant

After their freshmen year, Honors College students can apply to be a Resident Assistant in Honors Housing at Honors Hall or Lincoln Hall, helping to mentor the next class of Honors College students.

Honors Student Association

Every Honors College student is a member of the Honors Student Association (HSA). This due-free society is designed for Honors students to have a voice in the Honors College, and works to keep Honors College students connected to the Honors College as they progress through their time at WVU, regardless of what year they are or where they live. HSA facilitates small/local community service projects, engaging academic lectures, and fun social events such as the Honors Formal at the end of each school year. Meetings are held biweekly, and students are encouraged to participate.

Volunteering/ Service

Honors College students are committed to service. Students have many opportunities to get involved, with a variety of opportunities made available through the Honors Student Association, Hall Council in their dormitories, and through iServe, the WVU database for service opportunities.