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The Honors College houses several programs. Visit each program page for more information on those programs, who may be eligible, and how to apply.

Honors Foundations Program (Class of 2021 and beyond)

For first time freshmen, this innovative two-year Honors program is designed to enrich students’ first years on campus, particularly in their general education courses and introductory courses in their major. Students in classes 2021 and beyond can participate in this program.

Beginning with the class entering Fall 2017, most eligible students will meet the following benchmarks:

Learn more about our admissions process.

It is also possible to join the Honors College after a successful first semester at WVU. Transfer students who are current freshmen may also be eligible.

Upper Division Honors (Class of 2021 and beyond)

Starting Fall 2019, this program will provide outstanding WVU students the opportunity to engage in individualized experiential learning. Students will apply the semester before their junior year.

The Four Year Honors Program: Students Currently in their Junior Year or Above (Class of 2020 and Earlier)

For students who are already attending school at WVU as juniors, or are transferring to WVU, there may be options to apply to WVU’s four year Honors College Program, a program that combines Honors coursework and experiential learning.