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Fall 2016 WVU Medlife Life Chapter meeting

Interested in a career in healthcare or doing community service abroad? Join Medlife here at WVU and gain some valuable experience while helping 3rd world families. The chapter’s first meeting is September 7th in Ming Hsieh 126. Come check us out!!

The Medlife club here at WVU has one major goal of making a trip to a 3rd world country and providing healthcare to the people in remote locations. The trip takes place in May a week or two after finals week, and all of the efforts of the club throughout the year go towards the trip, whether it be fundraising or donation of medical supplies. You don’t have to attend the trip to get involved with the club; many individuals help fundraise and plan the trip throughout the school year but do not attend the trip itself.

Medlife is an international organization and strives to provide impoverished families around the world with more healthcare, better living conditions, and more freedom from the constraints of poverty. Our first meeting of 2016 is September 7th at 7 pm in Ming Hsieh room 126. In this meeting we will go over our goals as WVU’s chapter of Medlife in more detail. We will also go over our fundraising opportunities and details about the upcoming trip.