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Student Life Events Week of Sept 12th

On Monday, rock out with your favorite characters - handmade from some sort of rubber. That’s right, it’s time for “Tunes and Balloons” at the Creative Arts Center. Put your thinking cap on (don’t wear it out of the house, you look silly) and bring an idea of something you’d like to see made. Mr. Twister will magically transform it into your very own balloon animal or creature.

Ola! Como estas? It’s Martes!  Do you like Taco’s? We do too! Just say "por favor" and join us for “Taco Tuesday” at the College of Law. Bring an amigo or an enemigo and make them an amigo (this is getting confusing) and have a taco on us. Prisa, while supplies last!

On Wednesday, before things get “Strange,” stop by the Rec Center for a little 5 on 5. It’s time for some “Crossover Pickup Basketball.” We’ll have live, play-by-play announcers, a live DJ, prizes, and some delicious refreshments while you watch (not while you play, that gets too messy). 

Afterwards, do you like Strange Things? How about “Stranger Things?” We have them both, I think, at the Market at Health Sciences Center. We will have the Netflix mini-series ready to go unless something strange happens, you know, strange things are known to. 

Thursday, we have a very special event planned. Do you like cycling? Spin class? Exercising?  How about Woodburn Hall? Well, we’ve combined all of them! Please sign up at and join us for “Cycle Woodburn.” Three classes, with instructor, out on the lawn for a one-of-a-kind experience never experienced before.  Space is very limited so don’t delay.  Next, we know you’re tired and winded from that spin class (get in shape - too many hills around this place) so just hop on a bus or walk down the hill to the Personal Rapid Transit and head on over to the Market at the Health Sciences Center for day two of the “Stranger Things” marathon.

On Friday, track us down for “M & MMMMMM!” (Like YUM, only not a word.)  We’ll be on both the Evansdale and Downtown campuses, handing out that famous little chocolate piece of amazing, M & M’s.  Make sure you follow us @wvu_sle for information about the exact locations which will be changing! It’s probably going to be warm so we will finally put to rest the theory of whether they melt in your mouth, not in your hand. Your help in this research is deliciously requested.


  • Monday, September 12th

Tunes and Balloons         

 Presented by Student Life Events

Stop by, listen to some good music and have your favorite character made into a balloon animal.

Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm

Location:  Creative Arts Center, Front Lobby


  • Tuesday, September 13th

Taco Tuesday    

 Presented by Student Life Events

It’s a fiesta so come for a siesta filled with Taco’s!

Time: 11:30am - 1:00pm

Location:  Law School



  • Wednesday, September 14th

Netflix Marathon, Stranger Things     

 Presented by Student Life Events

Grab a bite to eat at the brand new eatery, ‘The Market”, and watch a few episodes of one of the hottest shows,Stranger Things!

Time: 6:00pm till 8:00pm

Location:  Health Sciences Center, The Market


  • Wednesday, September 14th

Crossover Pickup Basketball     

 Presented by Student Life Events and the Center for Black Culture and Research

5- on-5 pickup game with live play-by-play, a live DJ, prizes, refreshments, and giveaways!

Time: 4:00pm until close.

Location:  The Rec Center


  • Thursday, September 15th

Cycle Woodburn

Presented by Student Life Events

Three separate spin classes, outside in front of Woodburn hall, Weather permitting!

Time: 4:00pm, 5:00pm and 6:00pm

Location: Center Sidewalks in front of Woodburn Hall


  •  Thursday, September 15th

Netflix Marathon, Stranger Things     

Presented by Student Life Events

Grab a bite to eat at the brand new eatery, ‘The Market”, and watch a few episodes of one of the hottest show’s out right now, Stranger Things!

Time: 4:00pm till close.

Location:  Health Sciences Center, The Market


  • Friday, September 16th


Presented by Student Life Events

We’ll be on both the Evansdale and Downtown Campuses handing out tiny bags of amazing,

M & M’s, while supplies last. We’ll use social media to announce the locations which will move around. Make sure to follow us @wvu_sle !

Time: Follow us at @wvu_sle for times.

Location:  Evansdale and Downtown Campuses