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WVU Global Public Health Brigades Spring Break Trip 2017

Interested in studying abroad while gaining some community service hours and a life changing experience? Join us on an 8-day spring break trip to Honduras! Our first meeting is October 2nd at 7 pm in the Monongahela room of the Mountainlair.

During the Public Health Brigades volunteers will develop sustainable health solutions and establish a standard of health quality by emphasizing prevention and education. The Public Health Brigades achieves this goal by implementing in-home infrastructure projects, providing health education, and engaging community members. Each public health brigade will have an opportunity to work with individual families, local schools, and community leaders with a focus on holistic and preventative health measures on both an individual and community-wide scale.

In our first meeting, we wish to go over the cost, deadlines, and agenda for the 8 days and what we hope to accomplish this spring break. Last spring, we were able to help two families and build a water well that supplied 32 families. This might not seem like a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but to those 32 families we were the world. The thankfulness in their hearts was genuine for us and seeing that can put some perspective in our lives too.