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PAWS With A Cause

Honors College Freshman! Want a chance to be selected to have lunch with Dean Blemings or get special treats from Sasha, our therapy dog? Download a ballot, get one from your Residence Hall RA, stop by the Honors College Office, or you may even get a surprise visit from Sasha one day. She’s making her way around campus. Complete the ballot and submit it to the dropbox in the Honors College Office in Honors Hall. Up to 5 students will be selected each month to attend lunch with the Dean on the 30th of the month. (Don’t worry Summit Hall, Braxton Towers, and Oakland Hall HC students. You will have plenty of opportunities too!)

The purpose of lunch with the Dean is to allow first year Honors students the opportunity to interact with Dean Blemings in a small group, ask questions, and hopefully gain some insight that will help them progress in their academic endeavors.

You may 1) drop off the ballot in person, 2) email it to, or 3) send it through Campus Mail to P.O. Box 6635. If you have any questions, please call the office at 304-293-2100.