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Writing Studio Consultant - Seeking Applicants

The Writing Studio seeks enthusiastic undergraduate students from every major as writing consultant interns. Writing Studio interns provide feedback to writers on their academic writing. We provide training, so you do not have to have prior consulting or tutoring experience. See the recruitment flyer.

The benefits of working at the Writing Studio are many.  Consultants

      • build communication and interpersonal skills vital for careers in all fields.

      • learn about and strengthen their own writing skills.

      • work in an intellectually stimulating environment.

      • become members of an international Writing Center community.


To prepare for writing consultant work, students must take “Teaching Practicum in Writing Studio Consulting” (ENGL 490). This 3-credit course is offered every Spring semester. Enrollment in the course is limited to students who have been selected through the application process described below. Applicants are then expected to be available to work at the Studio for the following academic year.

Who Can Apply

To be considered for a position at the Writing Studio you must:

      • have completed English 101 and 102 (or their equivalent) with an A. Students currently enrolled          in 102 or 103 are eligible to apply.

      • be a strong writer with an interest in improving your skills.

      • enjoy reading and writing with other people.

      • demonstrate strong communication skills.

      • be willing to participate in ongoing tutor training and evaluation.

      • work on various Writing Studio projects including blogs, podcasts, newsletters, wikis, websites,          and videos.


How, Where, and When to Apply

Applications are due by 5:00 pm, the first Friday in November. Prospective consultants will be notified before Thanksgiving. Please deliver applications to the English Department in 100 Colson Hall, c/o Dr. Nathalie Singh-Corcoran or The WVU Writing Center (G02 Colson Hall). Material may also be submitted via e-mail as a single PDF.  Please include:

      1. A completed Writing Studio Consultant cover sheet (see next page, please).

      2. A one-page application letter that explains why you’re interested in becoming a consultant and           describes relevant courses, experiences, talents, or skills you could bring to the Writing Studio.

      3. A one-page, single-spaced discussion of the scenario on the third page. Please dedicate           approximately a half page to presenting how would you respond to the writer. The other half           page should discuss why you would respond that way.

      4. The name and contact information of a college instructor or other supervisor or mentor who            has seen evidence of your written and interpersonal communication skills.