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All May 2017 Grads: Read This!

There’s a record number of Honors seniors at this stage for 2017, and the Honors Office is beginning to get lots of questions looking ahead to graduating with Honors recognition on your degree.

Many of you have just registered for classes for the last time, at least as an undergraduate, and so below are some clarifications on what has and hasn’t changed since you began in the Honors College, so you can be prepared for the Spring semester. Please note the deadline to apply for Honors Recognition is March 17, 2017. Most of this information is available on the Honors website ( under the “Current Students” section.

The Honors Recognition Process: In January, Vickie Sigley will send out an email that will detail the specifics for graduating with Honors. At that time, she’ll get you to sign up for Honors recognition, point you to instructions for ordering your gold cap and gown, completing the exit interview survey, and the exit interviews themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for that email, and all others from Vickie!

Honors on DegreeWorks: The Honors Block on DegreeWorks is a constant challenge, and while we are working with the Registrar’s office on a plan to improve it, this will not take effect for those of you graduating this year. 

Two things: 
1) The final line or two (thesis for Presidential Honors, and graduation process for all honors students) gets checked off right at graduation. Students who are not going to complete Honors will have the whole Honors block removed so that these lines do not delay graduation. If you do not plan to complete Honors, please email Vickie Sigley ( ) from your MIX account to inform us of this decision.
2) If you see courses that are not appearing in the Honors block, but should be, please contact Vickie Sigley (

Honors Portfolios: Although you were told when you entered Honors that an Honors portfolio would be required, that requirement has changed, and the portfolio has been absorbed into the final exit survey. You will need to complete the survey closer to graduation, and the 3-page (1000-word) overall reflection is included in that survey. Importantly, though, the one-page individual reflections on each Honors course are NO LONGER required. Therefore, you will not need to either accumulate a complete portfolio, or recall courses from four years ago for the process. You DO need to complete the overall Honors reflection and the exit survey.

Honors Thesis/Senior Project: We are getting a lot of questions about eligible thesis / senior project options for Presidential Honors Scholars. Make sure to check out the guidelines on our Honors website for options: If you do not see an available option that meets the criteria, please contact Dr. Ryan Claycomb immediately at to schedule a consultation.

Dean’s vs. Presidential: Students are able to shift from the Presidential Honors requirements to the Deans Honors requirements—or vice versa—if they believe that one option meets their needs and reflects their achievements better than the other. You can find the distinctions between the two at this page on the Honors website: If you would like to switch from one to the other, please contact Vickie Sigley (