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Mid-Semester Courses in Native American Studies

Need an extra credit this semester? Learn more about Native American history & traditions with these two 400-level courses: “Black Indians” and “Native Tradition: Tattoo”.

Starting Feb. 15:

Black Indians” should interest any students who want to broaden their understanding of the so-called “American Melting Pot.” We’ll read the words of elderly black Indians who were enslaved and lived to tell their stories to ethnographers employed with the Works Progress Administration. We’ll also look at how the current fascination with genealogy causes some to reexamine their family’s oral histories. See flyer. 

Starting Mar. 29:

"Native Tradition: Tattoo” will help students contrast aspects of modern day tattooing and body adornment with ancient Indigenous ritual and custom. Anthropologists Dr. Aaron Deter-Wolf and Dr. Carol Diaz-Granados will SKYPE with the class to talk about their research findings, highlighted in the book Drawing with Great Needles: Ancient Tattoo Traditions of North AmericaSee flyer.

These enrichment courses each meet for just five evenings and include readings, discussions, short quizzes, and group participation, but do not involve final exams or extensive research papers.