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Apply to be a part of the Mountaineer Talks series

Do you have an interest in a specific field of study or research, or do you have an original idea or unique perspective on a topic with which you are passionate? Moutaineer Talks received hundreds of wonderful responses in the initial survey sent out on Tuesday. Below are the top voted topics that interests students, as well as the written response ideas that stood out or were repeated multiple times.

  • Social issues in West Virginia (racism, poverty, immigration, etc.)
  • How to succeed after graduation
  • Research findings
  • Leadership as a millennial
  • Success stories from young alums
  • The opioid epidemic in West Virginia
  • LGBTQ+ adversity in Appalachia
  • Managing mental health as a student
  • Mental Health and Veterans
  • Freedom of speech on college campuses
  • Being a Female in STEM
  • West Virginian politics


Now we want you to submit a formal proposal to give a talk on a topic of your choice! You can use any topic above for inspiration, but original prompts are encouraged that resonate with you, the speaker. The delivery of the talk, expertise on the subject and connection to the topic is as relevant as a good prompt. 

Complete the short application form in this link ( by Friday March 3rd at 5 pm. Selected applicants will be notified by Friday, March 17th.