Chemistry 117, 118 - Principles of Chemistry

Many freshman students entering West Virginia University each year pursue undergraduate majors, such as chemistry, biochemistry, forensic and investigative sciences, biology, and chemical engineering, which require them to enroll in an introductory general chemistry course.  Most science and engineering students elect to take the Chemistry 115/116 sequence. However, the Bennett Department of Chemistry also offers an honors level two-semester general chemistry sequence, Chemistry 117 and 118, which provides students with a more advanced treatment of fundamental chemical principles and their quantitative application in the laboratory.

Students who elect to take Chemistry 117 and 118 may use these two five-credit courses to substitute for Chemistry 115, 116, and 215, which are three core curriculum courses for all chemistry, biochemistry, and forensic and investigative sciences majors.

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Earning Honors Credit Over the Summer

Remember to contact the Honors College Office to get pre-approval to earn Honors credits for Internships, Study Abroad, Independent Study, and Undergraduate Research. 

Honors courses aren’t the only way you can earn Honors credit!  The following opportunities are also eligible to be enhanced for Honors credit. Follow these links for guidelines.

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Tell us about your Spring Honors course experience!

Dear Honors students,

In years past, we have administered paper evaluations in relation to individual courses.   These evaluations have told us about Honors courses in local ways, but did not tell us a lot about the broad Honors curricular experience.  This year, we’ve changed the way our Honors evaluations are working, and we’d very much like to have you tell us about your Honors courses for the Spring semester, in order to help us identify how whole program is doing.  

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Looking for Undergraduate Research Experience?

Dear Honors College Student,

Here is a great opportunity for honors undergraduate students who want/need research experience, and who are interested in sports.  The area of emphasis is in coaching education, performance excellence in coaching and ethics in coaching.  For one of the projects, we are looking at the coaching literature within sport and exercise psychology journals.  I am looking for students who are interested in gaining experience doing research.  Ideally, the interested students would do this for internship credit with me (Dr. Kristen Dieffenbach) this summer and/or this fall.  

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Poetry Slam This Week

Students in ENGL 255H class will perform Prose Poem/Essays in a Poetry Slam this Wednesday, May 3rd, in Colson Hall 130 starting at 11:00 am. Come hear the amazing pieces the students wrote connecting their personal experiences to the course concepts and texts. They are brilliant, creative, individual, thoughtful, generous, and deep! Each poem/essay is 5-6 minutes maximum. Come and go as your schedule dictates. All are welcome to attend.

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