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Tell us about your Spring Honors course experience!

Dear Honors students,

In years past, we have administered paper evaluations in relation to individual courses.   These evaluations have told us about Honors courses in local ways, but did not tell us a lot about the broad Honors curricular experience.  This year, we’ve changed the way our Honors evaluations are working, and we’d very much like to have you tell us about your Honors courses for the Spring semester, in order to help us identify how whole program is doing.  

Whether you are freshman, a May grad, or anywhere in-between: please, at your earliest convenience, complete the linked survey, to help us advocate for the best possible Honors coursework practices across the curriculum.

In the meantime, we wish you the best of luck on your final exams, and hope you have an outstanding summer.


Best regards,

Ken Blemings, Dean

Ryan Claycomb, Associate Dean