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Research Opportunity: Biomedical Research

Dr. Jianhai Du’s Lab is looking for highly motivated undergraduates interested in biomedical research on biochemistry in neurodegenerative diseases. 

The Du Lab integrates multidisciplinary approaches including mass spectrometry, stable isotope tracers, gene editing, animal models and stem cell technology to study the roles of metabolic regulation and dys-regulation in the heathy and diseased retinas. Students will gain significant hands-on experience, including: polymerase chain reaction, genotyping, sample preparation for mass spectrometry, data analysis for targeted metabolomics. 

Students will contribute to research in the form of research credits (497), poster presentations, scientific publications as a co-author, or a potential strong recommendation letter. Dr. Du has experience working with undergraduate research assistants when he was at University of Washington. Most of his previous undergraduates published at least one publication and successfully entered PhD or MD programs. 

Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.30. Some lab research experience and familiarity with computer software is preferred. See more about the lab on the Dr. Jianhai Du Lab website.

Contact Dr. Jianhai Du, Department of Ophthalmology, E214, WVU Eye Institute: