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Undergraduate Researcher Positions for Credit or Field Experience Available

Dr. Stephen S. Leonard, PhD, Research Biologist CDC/NIOSH, Adjunct Professor WVU School of Pharmacy, asks “Are you interested in a career in a laboratory doing toxicology, biochemistry or microbiology type of work?” 

Dr. Leonard, who is located at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in Morgantown, is looking for motivated students interested in developing their “wet” lab, research, presentation and scientific writing skills. 

Dr. Leonard’s lab is involved with research on free radicals, reactive oxygen species and their downstream effects. These include inflammatory signals, cytokine release, and other cellular damage/toxicity. Most studies examine effects of inhaled particles/vapors on the lung. At present, the Leonard lab is investigating projects on fracking sand exposure, welding fume exposure in pregnant women, E-cigarette toxic effects, cleaning solutions pro-inflammatory effects and development of a crystal to measure oxygen in cell culture using electron paramagnetic resonance.

NIOSH is a large federal government research facility. Students will work with a post-doc and technician in the lab as well as Dr. Leonard. Dr. Leonard has mentored numerous students, including graduate PhD/Master’s students, and has hosted summer research students for the past 12 years. Feel free to Google scholar ‘Stephen S. Leonard’ for publications to show area of research interest.

Undergraduate students interested in completing capstone research projects or undergraduate research for course credit or for professional field experience (e.g., for Honors or Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Eng., Immunology & Medical Microbiology majors, etc.) or who would like to take part in one of the WVU summer research programs should contact Dr. Leonard at SEL5@CDC.GOV to arrange a meeting.