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MATH 155 Final Review Session

Finals looking pretty tough? Taking MATH 155? Come down to the Honors Hall Media Room on December 7, 2016 from 11:00 am to 1:30 pm for a final review session. Practice problems, test strategies, and sample tests will all be covered. Sponsored by testWELL Learning Center. Questions? Contact Simon Digon at

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Tutoring Ends This Tuesday

The last session of the testWELL Learning Center tutoring for this semester will be Tuesday, December 6th from 8-10 pm in the Media Room of Honors Hall.

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Researcher Needed in Biology Lab

Dr. Craig Barrett is looking for highly motivated undergraduates interested in natural history to participate in laboratory research on the  evolutionary genetics of plants. The Barrett lab focuses on using DNA sequences and other information to study how certain plant species are related, how they vary, and how their genomes have evolved. In particular, the lab’s focus is on leafless orchids that have evolved to become parasites on soil fungi (called mycoheterotrophs), and thus no longer use solar energy for photosynthesis. The lab also studies evolution of monocot angiosperms, including several economically and ecologically important species of grasses, palms, gingers, and relatives.

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WV Governor's Schools Seeking Lead Interns 2017

The Honors College is seeking two outstanding students to join the HC team as Honors College ambassadors and lead interns for our two governor’s schools:  Governor’s School for Math and Science, and Governor’s Honors Academy.  Employment will start in January 2017 as student workers in the College, will continue through the summer programs in June and /or July, and will have the option to continue through 2017-2018 school year.

Please note that summer-only positions for additional Interns, GHA Resident Assistants, and GSMS Mentors will be posted in February.

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