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Opportunities for Paid Summer Research for Students Interested in Wildlife, Fisheries, Forestry & Biology

The Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program is a university-wide opportunity for students interested in graduate school and research within their discipline or a related discipline. This is a specific opportunity to participate in this larger, University-wide program under faculty mentor Dr. Christopher Rota and graduate mentor Hannah Clipp. Students selected for this opportunity will complete research at West Virginia University for eight weeks during the summer under the direction of a WVU faculty research mentor (Dr. Christopher Rota, assistant professor of Wildlife & Fisheries Resources) and a graduate mentor (Hannah Clipp, PhD student). 

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Study Abroad: Exploring Business in China (Summer 2020)

This study abroad program takes students to three major cities in China: Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. The trip provides a unique opportunity for students to obtain first-hand experience observing business practices in China and communicating with local professionals, business school students and the general public. 

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